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How to register: Point collection

Scan QR Code at the back of the box’s sleeve

Scan QR Code at the back of Pastel pack, it will link to our website then press the banner to join the campaign

Scan the QR Code to register by using 
Line application or via E-mail.

Register using Line Application or via E-mail

How to collect point: Scanning QR code from Box set or Enter the code from each pack/panel

Fill the information form and reply the email for confirmation

Enter code that display
on Pastel’s pack

If this messages show up on your screen, it means point collection is completed

When this message shows up, your point collection is completed

Press       ,then the message will show up on the screen, press ‘Browse’, then scan the  QR code at the back of the box’s sleeve

How to redeem points

Take screen shot or Copy Code of point collection and send it to our admin via Line official account: @PastelCreative to receive Bible & Build Line Sticker

Then press Redeem LINE STICKER button, 10 points will be deducted from your current account

Press the icon to Redeem LINE STICKER Pastel x BibleBuild Limited Edition

Press REDEEM PHOTOCARD button, points will be deducted out based on the number of cards you redeem, 10 points is needed for each 1 card

Select numbers of photocard you want to collect, then press ADD TO CART button.  Limit only 20 cards for each transaction

Select photocard you want to collect 

Press the icon of Bible & Build Photocard

How to check History and past rewards

screen shows all the photocard redemptions

screen shows all points that have been deducted

screen shows all points that have been accumulated

Press            Button

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